Sunday, June 23, 2013

new chapter

back from grad trip and I had so much fun there! seen some of the best sceneries I have never seen in my entire life and ate a great deal of food and drank so much wine I have ever drunk in my entire life. it was also my first backpack trip coupled with so many hikes in the different places around Europe. honestly, I was kind of proud of myself to be able to complete all the hikes in my toms and to be able to carry my 11kg bag around the entire time. I discovered a new me along the trip. the me that was able to endure all the fatigue and the stiffed legs from all the hiking. the me that was able to sing and dance openly without awkwardness in the public. the me that was able to drink wine, cider and have late night munch for so many nights. I guess a huge part was contributed by the company- the three that embarked with me to this aweosme and memorable trip. although I am dirt-broke when I came back, I am fully enriched, satisfied and happy that I made the decision to go with this bunch a few months back. (:
tomorrow will be the start of a new chapter in my life. it will be different from the rest of the stepping stones of my life thus far because I will be stepping into a new world- the working world. the world that will be filled with people from all walks of life, all kinds of profession and of course people of all different ages. of course I am scared, nervous, worried and whatnot. although I planned on hitting the books once I got back from Europe to do some recaps to my rusty memory, I have totally failed on this plan. I guess I really want to enjoy every bit of this last school holidays I will ever have. down to the final one second. for now, I am just going to cross my fngers and hope that the coming one week will be alright without any major events or accidents. acha fighting!

first and (last)

finally it is here. i took the last exam of my uni life on monday. i thought i will be feeling over the moon abt it but the irony is i didnt really feel much after that paper. i guess i need some time and confirmation before this realisation set in within me. before i enter into the next phase of my life, i will be off to europe for my graduation trip first! kinda excited for it but the real excitement will come when i am really there.

Friday, April 12, 2013


time files and i cannot believe it has been four months ever since i blogged! decided to give this space a little revamp after all the new interfaces from blogger set in. on a side note, i guess i can spare some time doing such stuff since the last CA of my entire uni life ended two days ago! bad paper to end but i am just glad it was over! :D

although it has only been april, i felt as if i have been through most of the year already. so many things had happened just in this short 4 month period. some were expected while others just thrown me off the fence and left me in shock. of course, i have also learnt alot through this experiences and hopefully i have grown to become someone that can withstand blows after blows in preparation for the future. i just everything will turn out fine and i will not uncover the ugly sides of people anymore. 

for now, it is the final lap to final exams before i can finally fly off to europe! cannot wait! 

Tuesday, January 1, 2013


time flies and it is officially 2013! looking back, 2012 had been a dramatic year. signing for my 1st permanent job, seoul summer xchange, being an aunt for the 1st time, blossom of new relationships amongst my closest friends and chewies etc. 
of course there had been pitfalls as well. if i could, i wish i have an eraser in my brain where i can just erase off these bad memories and bad people from my life. i had learnt that sometimes, only the truth makes us grow up. regardless of how harsh they could be, we must learn how to accept them and not be manipulated by them. easier said than done. i am still trying my best at this.
2013 marks a special year for me because it is my graduation year and the year where i will be joining the workforce, permanently. i have mixed feelings about this because i have heard so much from seniors and there are alot of uncertainty or what i termed as pre-career crisis. i just hope that i will be able to trial through whatever may come my way and remain truthful to myself.  
i love holidays. because i know i can never have this luxury anymore and because i can spend my time watching my favourite dramas and movies. people often asked me why do i like to waste my time on such non-constructive matters. but to me, they aint any non-constructive matters. to me, they are my channels, where i can truly let off all the steam i have accumulated over the semester. i can have a good laugh and a good cry over the plots and for a moment not think about whatever is filling my mind. i re-asked myself again this year and i think over the years, it has become a habit, a hobby.
counting back, i think i had watched 3 HK dramas (Ghetto Justice I & II, The Hippocractic Crush), 5 korean dramas (Big, Nice Guy, The Moon that embraces the Sun, The King 2 Hearts, I Miss You), 15 korean movies (A Moment to Remember, April Snow, Champ, Crazily first love, 100 days with Mr Arrogant, Hello Ghost, My Girl and I, Runway Cop, Sad movie, Speedy Scandal, Spellbound, The Grand Heist, White Night, Wonderful Radio, You're My Pet). 
lastly, i dont remember having the habit of coming up with new year resolution but for this year, i sincerely hope for the appearance of my half apple.

Friday, November 30, 2012


after not appearing on this space for so long, i felt as if i will be torn apart if i did not come here to say my piece. many events had occured in this year which showed me the crude reality of life no more than ever. there can never be forever and people are often forgetful and hence can be so easily forgotten. and sometimes, the recognition you ever want to receive just never come no matter how hard you work.

and so i wonder how do those who are forgotten deal with the changes, the realisation and the emotions that come together with it? it is really demoralising at times when you try all that you can to savage whatever damage that had been done and restart anew but it is just not enough to compensate for all the lost times and lost trust, love. even i, who had not been through what they had been through, feel this way. i just cannot bear to imagine how much exactly did they go through within themselves.

after watching mama today, i felt it more than ever. emotionally. although i am not a hardcore cassie, i was really regretful and felt really unjust for changmin and yunho. i saw just how hard they worked and tried to maintain the name of tvxq after the separation. not to mention having all those emotions kept within them alll this while.

although i only came to like them after their separation, i am thankful for being able to watch all their previous performances. they are really true artists who never fail to put on mind blowing and epic live performances all the time. i can never say this more but they reallly DESERVE to win. I can never express how much grievances i have for them. to be recognised at least for putting in so much sweat and tears and for walking through this road for the past 3 gruelling years.

it is really saddening for me to deal with crude reality and made myself question about their fading popularity. i went to read different forums set up regarding this issue and was shocked to read that people actually left when they were performing during smtown. it is really depressing to read something like this, what's more, they are artists whom i really respect.

regardless of how unjust i felt, i still have to face the truth and the crude fact. i just wish for them to be still loved by all the cassies and know that to us, the t- era is forever.

Saturday, September 22, 2012


the recess week is finally heree! shall not think about all the assignments and tests dued after the coming week for the time being. i had so much urge to start watching on call 36 hours but decided to wait for 2 more months to prevent h/x from repeating itself, like last sem.

on a happy note, tvxq is FINALLY having their COMEBACK on sept 24!!! so excited for their new songs! definitely will be heading to the store to show my support.

Sunday, September 16, 2012


back on this space after a looong 3 months. holidays had been awesome and school is taking a toll on me as the dreadful 21st is coming. never had i have so many things to complete by that day! it's really annoying, stressful and not to say mind-draining. looking at all those assigments again and again is making me frustrated- i wonder why i spent so much time on them. ):

on another note, i cnt believe smtown is coming HEREEE in november!! i got freaking excited but then again how cn i compete with all the sones and elfs to get a ticket?