Saturday, September 19, 2009

QUINTessential inter-fact bash 09 (:

EVENT: QUINTessential inter-fact bash 09
VENUE: zouk
TIME, DATE: 1830-2300hr, 18 sept 2009
DRESS CODE: red & white

went for the quint-fact bash on my last day of sch
b4 recess week.
it was a loong loong journey there n
i fell asleep on e bus AGAIN. hahas.
had dinner at great world city food junction
n mac's vanilla cone! :D
e icecream portion there is much more humongous
than other outlets.
an ice cream cone a day keeps my troubles at bay (:

we had to queue to get into zouk. n i realised it's located in a weird place- near residence area.
we were given goodie bags with *uh-hum* inside. hahas.
n i jus took e most practical thing in e bag: e hand rub! :D
when we walked into zouk, those pple wearing white immediately start to illuminate.
hahas. jus like me, belle n rachel.
instant walking light sticks!! LOL. (:

managed to catch project superstar event after arrival.
roman from yr 3 represented pharm to participate.
cheers for him!! (:

next up was dance competition.
pretty impressive performance put up by e 5 pharm gals.
onli dentistry n duke-nus had a mixture of guys n gals.
medicine started with e cliche wonder gals- nobody song.
n nursing's rendition totally "rock e house down." hahas.
e pageant was next.
medicine's sarah n duke-nus's nathan won. (:

we managed to find ourselves a corner n camwhoring session began!!
from left 2nd row: kerwin, nicholas, boon hou, jason, rachel.

1st row: belle, me n jielin (:
went to exchange for a drink at e bar counter.
n i tried kerwin's recommendation: vodka sprite.
it was a little too bitter. but i stayed sober throughout e entire event. hahas.

e picture of the day was nt any hot babe or hunk we noticed in zouk.
but nicholas' cup with e auxillary label he took from our pham pract lab.
" this medicine may cause drowiness and may increase e effects of alcohol." LOL.

was tryin to take pics with belle n boon hou jus came into e shot.
*qiang jing tou* hahas.

n nw it was rachel's turn.

we saw our yr 2 seniors while walking out of zouk.
e aj-pharmily photo shot! (:
it would have been 4 generations of ajcians reunion if qi xuan n jun hao were in e shot as well.

next up: CYCLOHUNT! (:

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