Sunday, November 7, 2010

let the sunshine

that pocket of sunshine finally peeked through my window and put an end to those gloomy days. i guessed i cnt stay gloomy forever i got to come out of it somehow. life gotta move on and i just have to make everyday worth my smile and believe that things will get better somehow.

i cnt wait for tuesday to come because that will put an end to all the projects i have on hand now. hopefully both poster and lifeform presentations will go on smoothly and nth will pop out to scare me again. i cnt afford another scare after wat happened on thursday. i dont even want to talk about it anymore. it is mind-draining. and after tuesday, i will think about nothing but just books and tennis. tennis classes ended on saturday and i feel that there is still alot more that i can improve on. prolly gotta work on that more intensively after 27 nov. i cnt wait for that faithful day to come.

recently, i picked up the habit of daydreaming whenever i try to ponder about concepts that i cnt understand for more than 10minutes. it cn really put my mind off to things which have totally no link with wat i was supposed to be thinking abt. and i hope i cn kick tt habit soon. it is driving me nuts. ): there is so much that needs to be done and i am really afraid that i wont have time for everything. i just gotta focus and really acha fight for the last 2 weeks. i hoped the effort will be linear this time ard and not sq-rooted.

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