Thursday, March 22, 2007

AlL aBt mYSelf

zen revolution begins: on a beautiful morning on 27 september 1990, 0800 hr. my mum was rushed to mount alvernia hospital before that. when i came out, crying, my face insipired my dad to name me: susan. ( guess i didn't give him much inspiration)

i'm the middle child sandwiched between 1 elder sister( 19, poly undergrad) and 1 younger brother( 14, sec sch student of ytss). usually, i'm on pretty much good terms with them.

i was previously from ahmad ibrahim primary school (AIPS) where i was a student prefect for 2 years. later on, i became a student of yishun town secondary school (YTSS) and my cca then was girl guides(woah!) i held different positions over the years such as being a patrol member, assistant secretary(2003) to patrol leader, secretary( 2004/2005) and the highest i could go for was an assistant company leader(2005/2006) where i have to take care of my sec 2s squad, (now sec 3s) give drilling sessions etc etc.

in primary school, my results were considered average. that's why i ended up in yishun town. however, i vowed to do better so i work hard and manage to stay in the top five from sec 1 to sec 3. unfortunately, my grades slipped when i did not do consistent work and study during my prelims. i dropped out of top five and scored 13 points. with that kind of score, i could only make it to meridian junior college. although i was demoralised, i put in my best effort for the last lap and work hard for o levels. since i scored 7 points, i decided to switch from mj to anderson as mj is really too far from my house.

zen's hobbies: cycling ( pulau ubin), badminton
zen's favourite no: 7
zen's favourite colours: black, white, red, brown

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