Tuesday, June 5, 2007

"YouTube has no ethics, it's been created for the sole purpose of entertainment and money." Do you agree?

After reading the four articles, I do not agree that YouTube is created for the sole purpose of entertainment and money. It has been stated in the fouth article, "The YouTube Gurus", that the intial concept of YouTube was to allow people to have a website to upload anything for everyone to watch and share information around globally since only the owners of their websites could do that previously. YouTube only removes those videos that have pornography in them and have no censorship on the rest. Perhaps, this freedom of allowing anyone to post any videos online had caused people to abuse it. They even uploaded videos that are related to sensitive and provoking issues like the culture, traiditon, race and even religion of other people and countries.

For example, in the first article, someone uploaded a video of a Swiss man spray-painting posters of the Thai King, King Bhumibol Adulyadej in the northern city of Chiang Mai. To the Thais, this have greatly offended and insulted the country's monarchy and is considered as a
crime. However, I feel that the real cause of all this is the people's attitude towards such a free and unrestricted website. Will they put up all these videos with provoking and sensitive contents just because this is the website that provides such a service? If it is that case, then the initial concept and idea of YouTube has been abused. Instead of sharing information that is of use around, people have been treating the website as a channel to post on videos that they can't on other websites.

However, there are still people who posted useful videos on certain health issues as stated in third article, "Is YouTube just what the doctor ordered?" There have been videos posted by people all around the world on issues concerning attention deficit disorder to using inhaler, providing useful information on their uses and how to tackle them. People that have problems with regards to any of such issues can find their solutions at a click of their mouse. That, is what YouTube want to be, to be a intermediate channel for people to post and to view videos and gain knowledge and information.

With regards to entertainment and money, I feel that it has been evolved overtime, when YouTube become more popular and peple started posting more videos on dramas, movie previews, MTV and interesting videos since practically no restrictions is given. It is only when YouTube become more popular,with more viewership that it is deemed as a favourable website for doing advertising work and has its value raised til US$1.65 billion.

1) Infringement: a failure to obey a law or regulation.
2) Litigation: the act or process of bringing about or contesting a lawsuit or all lawsuits collectively.
3) Conduits: conveyer of information.
4) Scour: to remove something.

5) Fraca: a noisy quarrel or fight
6) Escrow: an amount of money or property granted to somebody but held by a third party and only released after a condition has been met.

7) Inconsequential: of little or no importance.
8) Magnate: somebody who has a lot of wealth and power, especially somebody in business or industry.
9) Demiurges: a very strong, driving, and influential force or personality.
10) Rumpus: outcry or noisy disturbance.
11) Flubbed: to blunder or make a mess of something.
12) Proclivities: natural tendency to behave in a particular way.
13) Consternation: a feeling of bewilderment and dismay, often caused by something unexpected.
14) Propitious: favorable and likely to lead to success.
15) Reticent:unwilling to communicate very much, talk a lot, or reveal all the facts; reserved.
16) Peripatetic:traveling from place to place, especially working in several establishments and traveling between them.
17) Demur: to object mildly to something that you do not want to do but have been asked to do.

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