Friday, February 13, 2009

09 gathering :)

haha. went to meet 09 peeps after work last thurs. had lou hei n dian xiao er ON E SAME DAY!! how cn i nt grow FAT!! :( yup. this is an old post. was waiting for phe to send me e photos but didnt realise she actually send it to my inbox until i checked my mail today. haha. we went at cwp for dian xiao er. we include me, phe, jo, ken, cand, belle, min n yl. :)
the food tasted superb!! it was value for money indeed. 19 bucks well spent. mus thank phe for introducing e correct dishes. :) it was yet another warming 09 gathering. well spent quality time with food, drinks, laughter n each other presence. ;)

yup. i'm gg to do intro for each dish we called tt day.
their menu was really e old fashioned type. with those mi ji look.
those u cn only see in those martial arts films.
anw, our 1st dish was this dang gui roasted duck.
loved! :)
second up.. some nice soup. hee.
don mistaken it for shark's fin though it tasted like it.

for a seafood lover like me, this dish is simply..
nice. ( dont faint for e poor vocab)
perhaps i shld add this: so nice tt it's beyond description. haha. :D

my FAVE!!
loved e prawn with mayo combi.

our 2nd last dish.. samba kangkong.
yumyum for a person who luv sambal n kangkong. :)
haha. must be wondering where is e last dish pic rite?
we were too busy eating tt we didnt realise to take photos.
yup. it was jus ee noodles.
hmm.. nice ee noodles to add. heh.

we started to camwhore again in e midst n after eating.
think we stayed there for more than 2 hours. chatting n catching up with each other.
"e truth" was out tt day too. :(
yup. joanne tryin to cover up while i was taking a shot of her.
in e end, phe's hands gt e jing tou.
(aka qiang jing tou) hee. :D

hmm yup. hands seems to be e zu jiao tt day.
even yl's hand n phe's hand AGAIN. haha.

haha. cand will surely save this pic. :D
ken with his cute smile n twist twist*

ken n yl. :)

From left: belle, min n cand. :)

From left: jo, phe n me. :)

our group photo!!
it is loved by everyone in e pic as usual.
yup. taken by e missing person in e pic.
if u cn notice who. hee. :D

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