Sunday, February 22, 2009

friday nite out

fri @ imh was pretty extraordinary. many foreigners suddenly came up to our dept wishin to apply for jobs. e application forms vanished within minutes. had to do 3 rds of printing. resume stack at jas's table is abt 12 cm tall. yup. it's one word: WOW.

went to mushi murai @ northpoint with ken n cand on fri. it was crowded as usual. with loads of pple queueing n waiting for seats. we found window seats after much waiting. :) went to order teriyaki chicken bowl while ken had seafood omelette n cand had beef omelette.

just cnt stop camwhoring. haha.
cand opt for this pose when i wanted to take a pic.
i didnt request for it. lol.
ken with his seafood omelette. :)

haha. another typical ken-cand couple photo.
1 more added to their album. haha.

me with my teriyaki bowl.
which is too messy to be taken.

sat at e food court till 2200hr talking n gossiping. haha. e vendors were oreadi starting to clean up by e time we left. more catching up n get together. :)

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