Tuesday, March 29, 2011


the final week of the month is finally here! and the horrendous april is waiting for me. i just cnt bear to think how my life will be then. i will just have to take things one at a time. hopefully everything will not be too overwhelming for me to handle.

i learnt a new word in school 2 weeks ago: jaded. and it suits me totally. plus what i have been feeling for the past few months. it had been just continuous studying non-stop for all of us. right from the start of the semester. because we have so many tests and midterms and everyone just want to do well and that make things even more stressful. i want to feel better and be happy about what i am doing. i just want a weekend whereby i dont have to think about sch work and tests and really let my hair down.

i felt that i have never truly stopped and paused down once to look at all the things i have been missing so far in my life. it could have been a much simpler and easier path. but i took this instead. and sometimes, especially in times like this, i really question myself why did i ever do that for. i guess i knew that answer all along, i just want to rant for that moment. what an irony right. complaining about things that i chose for myself.

no matter how much i rant. no matter how hard things are going to get. i just have to believe that i can go through them.

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