Thursday, April 2, 2009

naruwan taiwan. day 1 (:

finally posted my 1st day taiwan trip. after waiting for so loooong for e com to load e photos. but it's definitely worth e wait. (: so here it goes...

23 march 2009
with barely 5 hrs of sleep due to e frantic uni submission n paperwork e day before, i woke up at 0530hr. after much preparation, i took all my barangs onli to realise tt my camera spoilt. YES. it's really... luckily est gt xtra camera ready for me. (:
dad drove me off to changi to meet up with e rest n i happened to e earliest! grins*

from left: me, esther n liqian. (:
we camwhore ard with shat-yin while waiting for denise n her mum.

hahas. didnt noe tt they have massage machine in e airport.
tried on it n it SERIOUSLY hurts.
felt tt my bones were gg to be crushed then. lol.

hahas. me n denise didnt forget abt our blogs at all.
we both blogged an entry b4 catchin our plane. (:

our final group photo b4 boarding e plane.
we were very very early.
were there at 0600hr when e plane is scheduled at 0800hr. lol.

i took this while i was sitting in e plane b4 it took off.
nice huh?

my lunch! (:
there was too much for me to eat.
still enjoyed it nonetheless.

esther n me! (:
my bunkmate for e trip.
p/s: we shared a 10yrs old friendship.

watched magadascar 2 on e plane n 1/2 of devil wears prada b4 realising tt

taiwan arrival hall is really different from s'pore.
we had to take a train after gettin down from e plane b4 we cn collect our luggage.

after meeting our tour guide, randy (:
we boarded our tour bus n headed down to:
tamshui fisherman's wharf!!

qing ren qiao. aka lovers' bridge (:
it's really mangnificent.
e weather in taipei is darn cold n windy but tt did not dampen our spirits at all.

spotted e heart shape?

from left: me, esther n denise. (:

group photo!
love this bunch of peeps to pieces (:
they are ALL my lovers! hahas.

there happened to be a jetty near e qing ren qiao.
so we crossed e bridge tgt (which accordin to randy, shld be done in couples)

spotted e mountain?

me n lovers' bridge (:
n it happens to be e shooting scene of fated to love you!

e shipyard over at e jetty.

e seafood restaurant.
e seafood must be darn fresh since e jetty is so close to it.
it's a pity we didnt get to eat our dinner there.

yup. it's e bunch in front of e seafood restaurant. lol.

next stop: dan shui lao jie. (:

2 of e local famous dishes at tamshui tt randy recommended us to try.
from far left: ah gei n fishball soup.
ah gei is actually beancurd wrapped with glass noddles.
e fishball is oso unique cos there's filling inside.

2 other tw dishes we tried.
smelly tofu n dachang bao xiaochang.
* dachang= glutinous rice.
xiaochang= tw sausage.

giant tako balls!!

esther bought some for us to share. (:

saw this weird lookin quick bite.
went over to their store n tried on it onli to realise tt it's jus potato chips.

next stop: aboriginal restaurant for dinner!

their toilet is really not bad.
me n denise ended up camwhorin there. lol.

our group photo at the aboriginal restaurant. (:
had a great dinner with great food.

i was so close to the shooting scene of idol dramas- huan huan ai & love or bread.
took this shot on the bus. :)

and we went there at night!!
randy suggested tt we proceed to miramar (mei li hua) instead of tao yuan nite market.
since tao yuan nite market has onli 1 street n it's a loong journey there.

saw e ferris wheel?
e bunch of us went to take a ride.
think it onli costed us 6 bucks each.
cos we flashed our ezlink cards n they allowed us thru with e student price.
cnt believe ezlink cards cn oso go international. :D

e nite view of this ferris wheel definitely beat our local one.

of course i wouldnt miss e chance of takin a shot with e wheel. :p

from left: esther, denise and me :)
in the container!!

the skyline view from our container.
denise, esther n me were busy taking shots of the night mode.

i miss taiwan! :(

we booked into sunworld dynasty hotel on our 1st nite after visitin miramar.
had loads of fun n laughter on our way there.
randy n one of e uncle jus couldnt make us stop laughin with their conversation.
1st nite at taiwan.
and we aint tired at all.

view of the hotel rooms.

since we aint tired, we cabbed down to e nearest k box!!
haha. went all e way to taiwan to sing k.
had a blast with shat-yin n lili jumpin on e couch while they sang may-day's songs. haha. it's a pity i didnt capture tt scene down with my phone.
but i captured denise's funny face. :p

their k box had loads of rooms.
there's like over 3 storeys. haha.
n they had a darn wide tv screen for singing.
there is even a dian ge ji.

n we ordered supper!!
had milk tea, pau, dumplings, chicken wings. :)
felt bloated after all those food. lol.
and there is more for us to expect:
on our way out of e k shop, shat-yin n lili saw ao quan from lollipop!!

tt's the end of day 1. :) await more for day 2!! :D

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