Friday, October 23, 2009

out of my mind

it's friday again. time flies just the way the hummingbird flaps its wings.

i had the urge to blog today. i was on my way home with belle today. out of e sudden she popped this line: i miss benzene ring. (fyi, benzene ring refers to the 6 pple tt take the jurong east line home tgt during our jc days- ken, youlong, warren, min, belle n myself) since then it had reduced to her, jun hao and me. n most of the time, me and her only. instantly, i came up with an organic chem analogy to illustrate y it is turning out this way. benzene ring (6 pple) is stable by itself since it experience e least strain. so most of the time, e 6 of us always go home tgt w/o fail. whereas cyclopentane ( 3 membered ring-3 pple) is most strained so it tend to open up and there we have it: a straight chain ethane ( 2 C- 2 pple) so usually onli 2 of us go home tgt.

i went to yih's orange week with denise ytd after pharm pract. while approaching the newurbanmale booth, a guy in armani spects who talked in an artificial slang came up to us and tried convincing us to sign up for e standard chartered credit card. for the sake of the 10% cashback, we bought his idea. and signed up. LOL. and after searching thru piles of num clothing, i spent 60 bucks on 2 pieces. it was hard parting wif the 50 bucks tt i JUST withdrew from the atm.

CA II is coming. ): i was studying endocrine system with my martini on wed. and i SPILL H2O on my textbook. i practically stonned for a few secs b4 i realised wat happened. and nw pg 623-625 is crumpled and pg 617-622 had fallen off. tt's so helpful to spur me to study. TV is still my biggest enemy. i wish i cn smash the tv in my room.

and my pharm pract lab exam is NEXT WEEK. nervous* hopefully i cn get a battery grade so i cn be spared from retest. calm n steady is the way to go. acha fight*

i tot of a switch. throughout the entire week. maybe it's jus so tt i cn get out of it. and i tot again. abt my oncology pharm D. abt my intial reason of this choice. so i decided to hang in there.

i jus gt to constantly remind myself. tt to reach there, u nid to put in ur mind. ur heart. ur soul.
so procrastinate no more and be 16 again.

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