Wednesday, March 4, 2009

clinic gathering @ sizzler :)

went sizzler with my beloved clinic peeps last sun. :) it was meant for a farewell for carms n a gathering. had a great time with them esp with e humorous cecilia ard. haha. everyone was present tt day. my 1st ever gathering with them. hopefully there cn be more in e future. :D

in cecilia's car: mel n carms :)
luckily cecilia had a 7 seater car.
all of us managed to squeeze in while she drove us to tpy for SIZZLER!!!
shiwen n emelene :)
haha yup. blurred pic.
took it while cecilia was driving. hee.


lol. :D

discussion over wat to eat.
all of us decided to go with e lunch buffet.

talk n talk to catch up with each other.
esp those tt had not seen each other for quite some time.
mel, eme n sw. :)

our empty table...

which was filled with FOOD after our orders.
this is ALOT of food for such a small table. haha.

my cream chicken soup with bread crumbs.
yummy!! :D

mel's salad dish.

carms' salad dish.
i tried e purple skinned potato.
which happens to have seeds.
haha. wondered where tt come from.

my dory set lunch!!
with wat sw described as "oil-soaked golden fries".
had fruits after my main course.
while e rest had ice cream n cecilia had her 2nd salad dish.
too full for any desserts.
smily face with papaya skin n watermelon seeds. lol.

me n cams!! :)

group photo!!
From left, 1sr row: emelene, shi wen, cecilia, poh yen. :)
2nd row: me, carmela n melissa. :)

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