Saturday, May 2, 2009

naruwan taiwan. day 4 (:

rise and shine!!
had a hearty breakfast as usual.
taiwan porridge tasted particularly nice.
yummy! (:

boarded e bus n headed to e peacock farm.
saw loads of them.

see? hahas.
p/s: look at wat e peacock is doing. LOL.

at e centre of our attention.
but apparently its mate is ignoring it. hahas.

me n peacock. (:

1st grp photo of e day! (:

hahas. when we arrived at e farm,
uncle mao n randy started to imitate sounds of e peacock.
to prompt it to open its plumage.
uncle mao gt so desperate tt he started to bark. LOL.
here, he n his wife tried prompting e other peacocks n swine kept in e cages. hahas.

while heading back to e bus,
i discovered this scenic view outside e farm.
we hurried over to take a photo. (:

with randy singing on e coach,time passed quickly.
n we reached our next destination: wenwu temple + sun moon lake. (:

haha. another one of my self-proclaimed masterpiece.
but i guess no one will doubt it. hee. :D

interior of e temple.

intricate designs on e walls.
spectacular oriental designs.

e gates of wenwu temple.
yups. wenwu temple n sun moon lake is jus a few steps away.

hahas. it was meant to be a solo photo.
shat-yin n lili decided to join in jus when e shutter went down.

found a staircase decorated with chimes outside e temple.
it's a pity we didnt explore n find out where it would lead us to.

sun moon lake!!
i luv this scenic view!!

aint e lake beautiful?
wished i was back there right now. ):

me n sun moon lake! (:

hahas. found this round thingy near e lake.
so we gt creative n started posting for pictures. hee. :D

on our way to nantou from sun moon lake,
we saw this spectacular water fountain from e coach window. (:

after much ride, we reached nantou!
and formosan aboriginal cultural village!!

we were greeted with many "historical" theme-based buildings.
i was amazed tt there was actually an asumement park inside this village.
perhaps it's part of e tourism board effort to attract youngsters to visit e place.

randy insisted tt everyone shld try e UFO gyro drop.
so i had to give it a try despite havin a history of puking after taking asumement rides.
had to take off my shoes n i tied my hair after hearin from est abt e genting incident.
gt really really scared when i posed for this pic.
i was raised to a very high level b4 being dropped down at a very fast speed.
felt tt my heart was in my mouth at tt time.
a darn thrillin experience n i'm proud tt i was darin enuff to try it. (:

our way up!!
denise's mum took this shot of us while we went up. (:

after tryin wat i tot was e most thrillin ride of my life,
i was asked to try e suspended looping coaster ride.
mustered all my courage to take e ride.
it was a darn darn exciting 1min ride of my life.
instead of e usual inward turn, e roller coaster was a 360 deg outward turn.
n it stopped for a few secs b4 droppin us down when it reached e highest point.
had to close my eyes halfway cos it was way too thrilling for me.
n i omg-ed my way to take my bag n shoes after e ride.
wat's more, some of them actually took a 2nd ride. OMG.

i could feel a bit of nausea after e roller coaster ride with all tt turning.
we then headed down to e aladdin palace.
i was lured up e star trek train ride by randy who claimed tt it's a child ride.
in e end, there were ALOT of turning which made me more dizzy.

est, shat-yin n randy obviously didnt have enuff.
2 rds of coaster, 1 rd of star trek plus pirate ship.
n they cn still take e waikiki wave ride.
i cn really kow-tow them. LOL.

felt kinda sick n to prevent myself from puking,
i had jus shoot bamboo soup for lunch.
i was amazed at how randy cn still goof down a chicken drumstick,
12 dumplings n coke after all e rides.
felt better after lunch n we headed down to skyline cable cars in order to catch e aboriginal performance up e hill in time. (:

cable cars!!

tt's e one which we sat in. (:

e view from e cable car is really great!
so i had to pose for a picture. :D

u cn imagine how high we were raised to from e UFO gyro drop.
n how thrilling e drop cn be from this photo.
we captured e loopin roller coaster track as well.

this shot dont really look taiwanese.
with all e pine trees n mountains. hahas.

and after much ride, we finally saw e aboriginal village!

more buildings..

e entire place is really furnished to give a aboringnal look.

spotted this really aboriginal pole. hahas.


when we finally reached e performance venue,
we were shocked to find out tt e performance had ended an hr ago. ):
so much for e effort of cable car-ing up.
nonetheless, we still camwhore n explore ard e place.

discovered this cute little hut which was once e aborignals' houses.
cute huh?

haha. took photo with e aboriginal figurines.

another hut of a totally different style as compared with e previous one.

there were alot of greenery decos which made e entire place pleasing to e eyes.
e cool breeze made it a great place for a walk.


me with ALOT of poles. lol.

us with ALOT of poles.
this photo is loved! :D

on our way to feng jia nite market from e village,
we saw ALOT of betel palms ( bin lang tree) along e road.
so randy decided to stop by a betel kiosk to let us see e bin lang gals n had a taste of e betel nut.
n i mus say e betel nut tasted darn awful. ):
turned out tt we cnt swallow e nut.
had to wrap e nut with its leaf n chew it for some time b4 puking it out.
e juice shld turned red by e time we spit it out.
my face turned really red n i felt darn uncomfortable after tryin e betel nut.
awww. a terrible xperience i don wan to recall. ):

after much rest in e coach, we reached feng ja nite market.
turns out tt it's near feng jia university.
so e food is more economical as compared to shilin.

had tungu ramen for dinner!
one of e must-try in feng jia nite market.

had another rd of da chang bao xiao chang again.
hahas. it tasted yummy!!

after much eating n shoppin ard,
we checked into e entrepreneur hotel. (:

turned out tt each rm has a single n double bed.
est was kind enuf to take e single bed which left me with e double one!!

e rm is nt bad with a mini living rm with couches, table n tv.
just tt e toilet is really damn small with poor lightings.

as usual, we headed out of e hotel after putting down our barangs to explore.
found taichung primary sch on our way to another mini nite market nearby.
home of sunny kids*

hahas. we were spoilt for choices on wat to drink.
had a great n tiring day 4 with loads of travelling.
await more for day 5! :D

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