Saturday, January 9, 2010

BACK! (:

i reached s'pore grounds safe and sound at 1930 hr plus ytd nite. i had loads of fun during our 5 days trip with rachel, jielin, qi xuan and eileen. it was a good getaway and the last moment to have fun b4 sch repoens next mon. ): we took loads of photos and videos, ate loads of good food, shopped alot of malls, sang karaoke for 4 straight hours, watched 2 movies, roamed ard closing shoppin centres and crapping at starbucks while waiting for our movie time, played card games in the hotel room till 0200-0400hr in the morn and overnite pillow fights.

and it wasnt jus all playing. i learnt new stuff too! like how the farmers plant cabbage using hydroponics and use yellow plastics to trap flies at night. they have this very cool drainage system that allow the cabbage to grow faster and bigger. i also learnt how to taupok and play taiti. i shared loads of 1st time with these bunch of pple too. i plucked my 1st strawberry with jielin in the greenhouse, drank my 1st cup of strawberry milk tea and sang karaoke in the open space at cameron, shared a bed with the 3 gals at genting , ate my 1st pretzel and watched my 1st midnight movie at KL. although we slept for onli 5 hrs on average, we had loads of fun tgt with all the bickering btw rach n eilleen with qixuan and the funny stuff we did along the way. like how we missed our bus to KL at genting after waiting for over an hr at golden mile complex for our bus to cameron. and we ended up squeezing in 1 cab for the 40 mins journey. and how difficult it was shopping for shirts and berms for qi xuan becos of the improportionate build he had tt he obviously denied. we had loads of good laugh over the tight fitting A+ shirts which he couldnt wear and baggy berms for his tiny waist. HAHA.

but then all good things come to an end very soon. ): the 5 days spent with them passed by like a breeze. but the memories will remain forever. i had loads of fun and i hope u guys did too! hope we cn have another one! photos up soon! (: till then!

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