Sunday, January 24, 2010

random updates

i gt fed up why the images i took on thurs family swensens dinner didnt appear on my desktop although my phone is usb connected to my lappie. so i googled: random images. and absent-mindedly clicked on pg 7 of the search result. and this image caught my eyes.

u may not believe it but the source of this image was a research paper. it is one of the 4 basic types of social network models presented in the paper. and it is called: RANDOM network. yup i didnt want a wordy post again so i jus gt a picture to make up for my faulty phone for the moment. ):
2nd week is ending. everything is gg on pretty ok but once tutorials and practicals begin next week, there will be increasing workload. there are loads of upcoming activities like FOC, RAG, IPSF and APPS. and to fulfill the promise made to yoong wend, i took up the props ic post for this yr rag comm. and belle is officially the chief designer. LOL. i hope everything will go well and hopefully john can find pple to fill up the rest of the rag comm posts in time. despite tt, i still hope i cn go for APPS cos it will be held in KOREA this yr!! so i am crossing my fingers at the moment. (: i signed up for FASS cyclopedic bikequest 2010 and adidas sundown 2010 too. so gotta train more for the 10km run. cos i realised i could barely run 5km now. ): TRAIN TRAIN TRAIN! and all the signing ups is making me dead-broke. not to forget the swensens dinner and shopping on thurs; i spent abt 50 bucks jus in that few hours. i need money and CNY is coming! i need more angpaos to help me tide through the month at least. hahas.
and i still think. still search. and i noe it wouldnt go away so easily.
maybe u just need to do smth for me to retreat.
will you?

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