Friday, June 5, 2009

yum cha!!!!

thurs morn began with chef lim's yummy banana muffin for breakfast. (:
it's a good thing she had e bananas placed in paper bag tgt with 3 apples.
so e ethylene gas emitted does help in ripening. hahas.

when e imh desktop clock read 1300hr, i msged e gals as a call for off duty.
we met up with them tastin phe's tasty muffins n we went off to aj to collect our sgc. (:
decided to try out e bishan int train since it was their 1st opening.
but it was a bad choice cos e train gt delayed by 10 mins n there were ALOT of pple.
so we jus took a grp photo at e int with our sgc n went back to e marina bay line.

hahas. wanted e pple to give me a emo face.
n onli maye bothered.

and so.. we reached yum cha at 1530hr.
n we quickly placed orders for our hungry stomach.

camwhored while waiting for e food to arrive.
me n maye (:

me, maye n phe (:

our food came n we were eatin so much tt e no of bamboo containers could cover phe' face.
this happens when we dont eat our lunch until 1500hr in e afternoon. hahas.

maye ordered her fave chicken feet.
which none of us eat except for her. haha.

belle n min fumbling with e paper chicken.
e paper sticks really hard on e chicken skin.
all of us had difficulty peeling it off.
but e chicken made our efforts worthwhile (:

fried food came with mango puree n prawn, carrot cakes n fried prawn dumplings.

we started camwhorin as we were all amazed with e cute n mini tart size .

it shld have been a strawberry tart. hahas.

had great difficulty holdin e tart as e crust break real easy.
but it was yummy!! had 2 in a row. :D

xiao long baoz n many other food came along.
we ordered many others but some didnt even turn up eventually.
like my char siew buns. ):

qp was pretty full n started to play with e xtra food.
used phe's scissors to cut up e yam ball.

qp's masterpiece!!
a bald yam ball. hahas.

phe n her 3 double boiled soup.
she drank 2 and 1/2 bowls alone.
but e soups were really delicious.
not surprised at all with someone who loved soups. hahas.

we started to get really full by 1600hr plus.
had to play a few rds of open numbers to get e food on e table to be cleared.
phe oso had to use her almighty scissors to cut e food equally into 7 portions for us to share.

maye when she's full.

cand needs her tea for digestion.

phe gets zany when she is full.

qp when she is full.

and finally our desserts came!!!
n our appetites gt better. (:
from left clockwise: grassjelly, mango pudding n lemongrass jelly.

me n lemongrass jelly (:

belle n min with their favourites!

maye's cuttlefish porridge finally came after much waiting.
it was disappointing to find out tt there was onli like 1-2 pieces of cuttlefish in e entire bowl.

(almost everything*)
paid e bill after much eating.
we were all bloated after e buffet lunch cum dinner.
satisfied!! :D

grp photo!!

grp photo 2 (:

haha. wanted all of us to act as if we were puking into e bamboo containers,
but cand looked as if she's advertising e containers. LOL.

our final grp photo at yum cha (:
enjoyed n "enriched". hahas.

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