Monday, August 9, 2010

♥ raggg forever!

rag officially ended on 6 aug 2010. there were loads of emotions gg on within me and the rest of those who had worked hard and put their hearts and souls into this project. there were tears of joy, relief, excitement and reluctance. i had been waiting for D day for so long tt when it finally came, i felt tt everything happened too fast. it seemed like ytd when rag tentage was 1st set up. it seemed like ytd when i was still thinking abt props designs. it seemed like ytd when i was working late at night in the tentage, being chased by john and joanne to go home.

everyone used to ask me why did i even want to get involve in rag when my whole holidays will be burnt and tt my sleep will be sacrificed. i used to not have a real answer to the question. but now, i found the answer. it's the contentment and joy of knowing tt the dancers like the props i made for them and tt the designs i had in mind for my props on paper can become real in 3D, standing right in front of me. it's really a great deal of accomplishment and i do not regret taking up this project for i had suffered hardship to have rag memories etched in my mind forever.

i will miss rag. i will miss the days of suffering, sleepless and bathe-less nights. i will miss sleeping on the pellets, cutting CD bits, getting my hands and clothes dirty with paint, contact glue, glitter. when we were granted competing status 4 days b4 rag day, we had the whole pharmily working tgt to give our dragon a metamorphic change. although we did not win anything, we had fun working tgt and we all knew in our hearts tt we had accomplished smth greater than we ever thought we could. for that, i believe we had won over ourselves and we will return ever stronger next year. (:

the dancers with my props (:

all the dancers at the track.

the rich prince with barbell and bow (:

the princess locked up in the tower awaiting for the rescue of her prince.

the peasant prince piercing the belly of the fierce dragon (:

the witch brewing potions in the cauldron.

dancers posing (:

dancers posing for static display (:

the main float and my side props (:


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