Friday, January 9, 2009

busy week

yup. hadnt been updating for the entire week. cos it had been a busy week.
helped out at the student-care centre from mon to wed morn- afternoon b4 rushing down to e clinic for e nite shift. but it's great to be back busy again. esp after havin slacked for so loooong. haha. e morn shift was still alright with onli 2 students. had to supervise them over their work, read storybooks to them, play board games n even bathe for e pri 1 kid.(darren) had to play chess with darren in his own way. instead of placing e pieces on e board, we placed them 1 by 1 as we played along. n listening to e pri 2 kid (wei yan) telling me all abt wat he noes of pokemon. haha. guess tt's y they are always so cute. :) but i soon realised e student care job is really nt suitable for me by mon afternoon when e after-sch batch of students return from sch. it's scary to take care of 5 boys all alone. with 2 pri 3, 2 pri 1 n 1 pri 4. couldnt discipline them myself n they kept running abt e classroom. :( gt really drained by e time i left e centre every afternoon. :(
had to rush to e clinic after tt n gt really tired all e time. but i guess it's all worth it when i get my pay this mth. received an unexpected phonecall from imh on mon afternoon asking me to report to work on thurs. finall y gt their reply after like 1.5 mths? but it's really great to get to work in the HR dept. at least i get an excuse to leave e student care job ( tsk tsk) n get some office work experience. :)
report darn early to work on thurs morn. (was supposed to report at 0830hr but reached at 0740hr) cos my mum's fren (who works there) brought me there so i noe e kind of transport to take nxt time. but i was really darn darn darn unfortunate tt day. e sole of my shoes came out while i was walking to yishun int. :( had to drag my right foot to prevent e entire shoe from fallin apart to e int n all e way to imh. it was esp hard to walk up e stairs. e fallin sole made me trip a few times. luckily i get to change to a pair of e nurse's shoes with e help of my mum's fren. was really grateful for her help. :) if nt for her, i guess i had to bare foot to work on my first day. haha. tt will be a new xperience. heh.
after waiting for very looong, finally get to meet jolly who called me down to work. gt my own tempt desk n gt down to work e moment after i was introduced to my colleagues. they were really friendly. even asked me to join them for lunch. :) yup. had to sort some staff particulars, type vouchers' serial nos n collate survey results. all tedious, manual work. esp e survey results. usin my lousy excel program. gt over 1000 survey forms to collate n i'm nt even half way there. :( guess i jus have to speed up n jia you!! hopefully i cn get everything done by next wed. :)
caught phe at e bus-stop opp to compasspoint after my 1st day of work. was really shocked to see her there. she's there to attend some camp as an instructor. had a long chat with her from buangkok all e way to yishun int. had to apologise to her bf though for taking away all her attention thru out e ride. but i guess he cn spare me for jus tt while. tsk tsk. :D
had to work tmr morn at e clinic. n gg to shop for CNY clothes with denise tmr. finally. after getting my pay. though i doubt i will bear to use my money. earned with sweat. but i still hope to get smth nice for e 1st day of CNY at least. :) yup. zhen fa updates will be next post. guess i'm jus too tired to load e photos. till then! :)

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