Thursday, January 1, 2009

a new beginning

haven been updating my blog for quite a few days le. below are e updates for e past few days:
the 1st post of 2009. time: 3.22am. it's a new year. a new beginning. :) jus completed watching moonlight resonance. it's a happy ending as usual. but it's really nice. felt envious of e kind of family life e characters have in e drama. strong relationships btw parents and their children. wonder if such stuff really happen in real life... haha. yup. spend the entire day at home completing e series. jus watched e last 10 secs of e countdown on tv. well, it was a rather different experience to rot at home on new yr's eve. best of all: nt gg out= nt spending any money. hee. :D
gg for new year lunch with 09 peeps ltr @ zhen fa steamboat. WEE!!! but gg to recee e toa payoh childcare 1st. gg there for interview this sat. hope i cn get e job. heard from carmela tt it's 12 per hr. ya i noe. e pay is AWESOME!!! must really thank carmie if i gt e job. :)

tuesday is e worse day ever. :( met loads of problems at wk today. made loads of mistakes too. n gt darn depressed. here's e list of things tt happened:
1) the printer gt hanged A LOT of times. couldnt get it fixed. :(
2) pressed e wrong button for e cash register. e siren was turned on by mistake. had to switch off e plug for both e com n printer in order to turn e siren off.
3) called e wrong patient to sign documents ( cos he gt eye contact with me. tot he knew tt he nid to sign e documents) , to take medicine n this is even worse: called a patient who had already consulted e doc.

SIGH... i really donno wat gt into me on tues. was totally nt into e whole situation. :( it had never happened before. :( nonetheless, these stuff had oreadi happened. there's nt much i cn do to salvage as well. i'll be more careful next time. n nt get distracted. i had to bear in mind constantly tt e consequence is really great if i were to prescribe e wrong med to e wrong patient. a life could be at risk. yup. gt darn disappointed with myself as i wasnt alert n mature enuff to think of such stuff n get myself more focused at tt moment. nvm. i'll NT LET THIS HAPPEN AGAIN. FOCUS is e word to bear in mind. :)

went to meet belle, min, russ, ken, zj, hy, joyce for bmt @ yck community centre after wk. reach there at ard 1700hr. could onli play for an hr. nonetheless, had fun playing doubles with min, belle n ken. plus singles with ken. :) it has been a long time since i last work out. so an hr of bmt c still do some wk to keep me fit i guess. heh. had dinner after tt with ken, russ n his fren anrox at e LJS outlet in northpoint. haha. i always tot of anarex (muscle relaxant medicine) whenever i cum across his name. oops. :D heard from russ tt he's from indonesia. anw, dinner was practically silent. ... yup. e atmosphere was kinda weird. russ, ken n me were jus quietly eatin our dinner while anrox was jus slurpping his giant-sized coke n stoning. and ken ate A LOT of cheese (eeks) n tartar sauce. he jus luv cheese. haha. yup. walked home ater tt while they took train. heh..
had an episode in e midst of watching moonlight resonance on mon nite. chatted on msn with Dywane from albany, australia when he nudged me. it was really unexpected as i didnt recognise his msn add at all in e past. gt kinda shocked as well. guess he was too. realised he probably gt my msn add when i went aust in a sch xchange program 2 yrs back. :) it was a great chat over e net. in 2 different countries n perhaps 48593028 miles away? haha. ( faked e dist. tsk tsk.) anw, dywane is 1 yr younger than me, onli 17 but had completed high sch n saving up to get into uni within e next 2 yrs. guess tt's where e independence cum into play. most of us probably do nt have to worry over e uni sch fees while e aussie teens saved up their own money to support themselves thru uni. perhaps i'll continue working @ e clinic to support myself at least for miscellaneous fees n own expenses. yup. we shld feel blessed. :)

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