Friday, January 2, 2009

Pay Day :)

haha yup. today is my 1st ever pay day!!! it's a great feeling. to receive money earned with my own sweat n hard work. although it's nt a lot, there's still a sense of satisfaction. :) had nt tot of wat to do with e money yet. but gave mum 50 bucks as part of household xpenses. guess most of my money will be saved up. nw tt i start earning money myself, i dont really wan to spend on unnecessary stuff. perhaps sum on CNY clothes since i'd yet to get them. e trip down to bugis last sat wif denise n esther was fruitful but all was spent on gettin causal clothes. haha. it has been a loooooong time since i went shopping n bought so much stuff: 1 shirt, 1 dress, 1 bag n 3 pairs of earrings. it may seem nt a lot for some of u but it's for me since i'd been window shopping for a looooooong time. :D my next shopping list: CNY clothes, adidas tote bag n shoes!!!
e zhen fa steamboat outing with 09 peeps was great!! jus couldnt bear with e heat n bad services there. :( e unfriendly boss n costly drinks. (you long bought a glass of ice lemon tea for 2 bucks.) plus no outside drinks is allowed or it will be confiscated. (which happened to russ n hy) but e rest of us managed to sneak in green tea from 7/11 (thanks to candice n ken) n pour it into yl's empty cup. e cup was circulating ard our table n shared amongst e 8 of us. tsk tsk. :D
we went to united square for bubble tea after e steamboat. stood there for ard 20 mins drinking n chatting. it was great to noe how e rest of 09's were doing recently... managed to catch jo, ann ling n phe whom i had nt met for some time. :) e only pity was nt able to jian xing for the jan army boys: ee huai n warren. couldnt get to see their last view with hair on heads. haha. more updates on e outing with photos next time ard. :)

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