Saturday, January 10, 2009

zhen fa steamboat

haha yup. i noe this post is darn overdued. it has been 10 days ever since i went to e zhen fa outing with e 09 peeps. a looooong time ago. met up with you long n belle at yishun before proceedin there. 1st trip of e yr n it cost me a bomb. :( haha. enjoy the pics. guess they'll speak of e fun we'd tt day. :)

started e steamboat after our table was filled with 6 pple
guess we were all hungry by then.
took this pic half way thru e steamboat.
our plates are starting to stack up n filled with food.
even e soup stock is running low.

yup. some of e food tt zhen fa had.
pretty normal kind of steamboat food.

something special abt zhen fa is tt they hire professional chefs for tepanyakki and bbq.
e chicken, stingray tasted nt bad. :)

crabs with alive, jumping prawns below. (yum yum)
i had to be e sinner @ e table by throwing e alive prawns into e boiling soup.
but how else cn we get tasty prawns then?
tsk tsk. :D
haha. started camwhoring again.
this is sweet sweet couple no 1. :)
candice n kenneth. :)
sweet sweet couple no 2. :)
ryan n shina. :)
thanks to ryan for being able to make it for e steamboat.
group photo!
From left: hoi yi, belle, me n min.

haha. quirky photos are always present.
maye with qp's hand probably.
twist twist*
e twist twist sign seems to spread.
ken with twist. haha.

twist twist* photo 3!
haha yup.
twist twist* photo 4!

the final n ultimate twist twist* photo!
haha. nice post huh.
credits to qp. tsk tsk. :D
we started to post with food after gettin tired of eating them.
below are all those with e main prop used: marshmellows.

marshmellow gals!

me with marshmellow.
cope this from min
(p/s: i don eat them. just for pic's sake. hee.)
yl with some food in his mouth.
which i guessed to be marshmellow. haha.

haha. phe with choco marshmellow.
pardon me for this pic yea? hee. :D
a heap of prawn shells was created within mins when e prawns are ready to eat.
i contributed to it too.
i luv prawns!!!
our table after eating for over 2 hrs.
filled with shells, empty plates n cups.
enjoyed! :)
yl is full.
but noticed e crab on his plate. haha.
yup. still had to stuff tt down e stomach.
"i'm full too!"
jo gettin tired of eating i guess. haha.
haha yup.
e gross food stock when e soup went dry in e pot.

i luv this pic.
From left clockwise: phe, qp n ann ling.
tgt with maye's hand holdin e prawn.
e other table enjoyin e food too. :)
From bottomleft clockwise: jo wif bloated face, qp, phe n maye.

group photo @ table no. 2
From bottomleft clockwise: jo, ann ling, qp, phe n maye. :)

group photo @ my table!
From left clockwise: russ, candice, yl, ken, hy, belle n min.
p/s: if u're wondering, i'm takin e shot. hee. :D
yup. enjoyed e outing. guess e rest of 09 as well. :)
credits to e welfare reps: qp n tong for e organisation. :)

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