Sunday, January 11, 2009

fifi :)

haha yup. this entry is specially dedicated to fifi. my sis's bf, calvin's new dog. n he's onli a few mths old. heard from my sis tt fifi jus arrived at calvin's hse last mon. n e husky (cody) over at calvin's hse has been neglected ever since fifi's arrival. haha. poor cody. but i guess it's rather hard nt to shower love n attention to such a cute dog like fifi. :) heard tt fifi even chased after his own tail. haha. yup. below are some of his pics. :)

luv this pic e most.
fifi looked darn darn adorable with his head on e floor. :)
haha. he sure noe how to post eh.
tsk tsk. :D

fifi loved his new toy.
kept playin with it all e while.
hopefully i get to meet him soon. :)

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