Monday, December 22, 2008

4e8 BBQ gathering

went to 4e8 bbq @ pasir ris park last sat. met esther, denise, zhi jun, clarissa, qian xin, li qian n caroline @ int before proceeding down to white sands. was late as usual but luckily not e latest. hee. :D met eddie, yu shan n joon kiat @ e int with the food n bbq stuff. hadnt met them for 2 yrs. nt much change though. took bus to white sands n evan missed our bus along e way to khatib. haha.

was bored while waiting for evan at e bus stop.
hence, posted for e photo. :)
From left clockwise: clarissa, me, denise n jun
the sea over @ pasir ris park.
it was evening by the time we reached our pit.
nice sea breeze. :)
posted for pics with the sea.
couldnt miss out tt great view.
2nd row: evan, denise, clarissa
1st row: me n jun ( twist twist*)
the flower gals!!! haha.
2nd row: evan n denise
1st row: me, zi xin n clarissa
4e8 warriors!!!
everyone posted for 8 :)

yup. night is nearing by the time we return to our pit.
manage to capture e crimson gold rays as the sun set.
finally. borrowed a lighter from other pits.
we were blurred enuff to bring everything except the lighter. haha.
from left clockwise: kaka, kelvin, eddie, jin cai, jk, xing long.
while waiting for the fire to start, e gals start camwhoring again. haha.
me, xin n jun :)

the 822 photo.
by xin, denise n lili. haha.

haha. e 2822 photo?
from left: xin, denise, weatherly, regina, mabel
notice reg's fake smile. haha.
ate some pre cooked pineapple rice n noodles while waiting.
we were all too hungry to wait.
maid maria lili feedin da xiao jie denise.
she dont seem to to enjoy a single bit of her chore though. haha.
tot it's caught un-noticed?
ming wanted e photo to be taken naturally. haha.

empty cups n plates.
waste was created within minutes when we started eating.

the fire is finally ready for bbq.
the bbq cooks( from left clockwise): evan, esther, ming, jk n jun
p/s: denise actually stood on e stool to take this pic. thanks. :)
chief cook!!! haha. just kidding.
this photo is unique.
everything else is blurred except for me n e bbq food.
chief cook 2!!!

didnt noe skewer cn be used as a prop.
xin n denise jus nid fencing clothes.
photo no. 1

photo no 2.
poke poke*

cooked stingray n shared with denise.
it took darn looooong to be cooked.
enjoyed. :)

photo no 3.
with corn poking thru it somemore. haha.

time for reg's quirky photos.
an odd handsign.
3 fingers up instead of the usual 2. haha.

funny faces with weatherly. haha.

reg with esther.
" i like to move it move it..."

xin with denise.
xin looked estatic.

haha. xin, evan n clarissa looked small.
wonder whose hand is tt.

poke poke*
lili with denise.

haha. bear hug.
friends forever.

me with lili.

haha. at loggerheads.
took this pic a lot of times.
cos both of us ended up laughing when we looked into each other eyes.
funny faces again.
shld give denise some cheese.

bash bash*

we were nt looking at the moon.
there isnt any moon. haha.
just looking at the nite sky while lili took e pic.

me n qian xin.
we were both in red tt day. :)
reg n me. :)
loooong time ever since we met.
evan n me.
with our bloated faces. :D

clarissa n me.
me, xin n jun.
twist twist*

reg, me n weatherly.

esther, qian xin, carol n evan.

clarissa, weatherly, evan n reg.

me with xin n terence.
they are still gg strong after 6 yrs. :)
making me envious. haha.
time to put out the bbq fire after everything is cooked.
there was lots of smoke when jk poured seawater into e pit.
manage to capture e scene.
time to go off.
we took a final mini grp photo before leaving our pit. :)

decided to take a class photo here.
jk, reuben, xl n ming begin to climb up.
notice ming (in white): cnt climb so high. my pants gg to drop! haha.
at the top.
from left: xl, jk n reuben.

the rest followed suit.
started climbing up the ropes as well. haha.
i watched e entire course as they climb.
4e8 class photo!!!
this photo is loved. :)
4e8 class photo 2!!!
this photo will be much loved if nt for e shadow. haha.
hope everyone enjoyed tt day. :)
till we meet again...

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