Sunday, December 21, 2008

christmas party :)

yawn. it's currently 2.07am in the morning but i'm still updating my blog. cos the christmas party pics are taking darn loooooooong to be uploaded. just came back from 4e8 bbq @ pasir ris park. met a lot of peeps whom i'd nt met for 2 yrs. took alot of pics with them. hopefully cn upload the pics smoothly next time. :)
anw, went to minds cafe @db. here are some of the footage taken. enjoy! :)
p/s: i'm too tired to simply waste time typing more stuff to elaborate further. e pics below shld be suffice to tell e whole picture. :)

on our way to minds cafe.
we looked like lost sheeps trying to find our way there.

saw a few floats on our way to minds.
guess it's all part of the christmas celebration. :)

yup. i agree. photo is blur. i'd to take e shot while e float is moving.
but they looked really nice.
though not on this pic. haha.

still trying to figure out why this photo looks so dark.
it's as if i took it at night.
but it's barely a minute after the photo above was taken.
notice e 2 pple standing on e float.
they are the "angels" who waved to us while we waited to cross e road. LOL.

"finally found minds cafe after walking for soo loong."
"i'm tired n bored."
"me too."
"me three."

"time to pose for some photos while waiting."
"since we are all bored."
Twist twist* photo 1
notice shina's hand on e top right hand corner.

Twist twist* photo 2
min's hand is totally spoiling the whole photo.
it'll look so much better w/0 her fingers. tsk tsk. :D
Twist twist* photo 3
a solo photo to satisfy shina's desire to take a twist photo.
double twist*
thinking of wat to eat after looking at e menu.
limited choices though.
in the end: 8 fish n chips.
2 chicken splatter. (me inluded!)
mushroom soup/potato salad.
free flow of drinks.
my chicken splatter/cutlet.
e chicken tasted a lot like KFC.
so is e coleslaw.
nonetheless, enjoyed! :)
dessert!!! brownie n vanilla ice cream.
e brownie tasted darn chocolatey.
which i totally ABHOR.
gave up after a few mouthful.
e vanilla ice cream is loved.
finish every bit of it. :)
board games!!! smth which u cnt miss over @ minds.
we started e ball rolling with UNO stacko.
haha. pretty thrilling game.
lots of screaming n shouting.
maye n i were much more worried tt e blocks will drop into our food instead.
more games!!!
warren, qp, maye, huai n me played taboo.
came across some pretty "interesting" terms to guess. haha.
had fun as usual.
it's always nice having get-togethers. :)
e last two games tt our group played.

decided to play "guess it. express it." when we heard shouting n screaming coming from a particular table playing this game.
a new game learnt.
but i wonder why so much shouting is required.
pretty boring game to me.
need great memory work to solve e mystery.
nonetheless, still enjoyed. :)
although none of us managed to solve all 3 evidences. haha.
took this pic when nobody was noticing.
everyone is having fun.
tt's most impt of all. :)

e presents i received on tt day. :)
From clockwise: ryan's gift, min's gift n candice's gift.
hope everyone present had a great time then. :)

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