Saturday, December 20, 2008

Travelling to...

yup. went to chinatown with esther, lili n denise on thurs to check out our travelling plan. went to cck earlier tt day with sis to xchange her cotton on dress. she chose e white dress in e end but wanted to go back to change back to e black one again. dotz. haha. it has been a loooooooong time since i went out with her. it has become a reminiscence. ever since she found her boy. couldnt ask her to pay for any more clothes now. heh.

rush to chinatown after the xchange. went to five stars agency to check out. decided to switch our venue to redang island after much thought. guess my taiwan trip had to be postpoed to next time. it's really beyong my limit esp when majority of e expenses had to be self sponsored. however, redang island is out of bound due to e monsoon season during jan-feb. hais. redang looks nice from e travelling booklet. heard from e pple there tt they have pink sand. it's a great place to snorkel as well. :( in the end, we settled for langkawi over tioman after further thought. could go there for tanning, banana boat, snorkelling n e usual beach activities. heard tt shooping is w/o tax over at langkawi too. yay!! hopefully they sell other stuff besides beachwear. :)

look at the clear, blue water of redang island!! great place for snorkelling!! but e darn monsoon season. :(

blue paradise indeed. :)

haha. nice picture taken eh. :D beware of the evil fingers! LOL.

my dinner @ chinatown. a simple meal but enjoyed with e presence of frens. :)

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