Sunday, December 14, 2008

interview day III

went for ANOTHER interview today with denise. it was at e shopping centre near hilton hotel. however, we arrived too early for the interview. so we went to orchard shopping centre to pass time. it looked deserted. denise n me walked all the way to the end of the complex n found this escalator tt was moving darn slooooowly. it was abt half the speed of a normal escalator. haha.

the darn slow escalator.
moving at approx 50cm/hr.

after wasting 30mins at the complex we headed back for the interview. e company tt interviewed us is gg into biomagnetism n they required pple to introduce their products to the masses. sounds like multi-level marketing to me. was pretty upset n disappointed as i STILL couldnt find the right job. nonetheless, i had fun tt day after the so-called interview. went to shop for purse. guess it was time to change one since i hadnt for the past seven years. my purse looked worn out enuff. hee. saw a few purses at wisma n heeren. saw an Esprit wallet at orchard complex too. almost bought it. but i decided to settle for a ripcurl purse in the end. e price is rather reasonable n it looks nice! :) felt a little guilty to be spending even before i'm working. luckily i'm starting work on mon. so it's nt too bad. hee. :D

heeren was having some kind of performance again. denise was approached twice by some pple to take part in some kind of lucky draw which we cn get some goodie bags straightaway. guess they just wan our particulars. so as typical s'poreans, we filled in the forms n took the goodies bags. haha.

the goodie bags which we took.
a weird picture on the bag though.

yup. the purse which i almost wanted to buy.

it looks more like a clutch though.

the purse i bought at flash n splash @ heeren. :)

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