Saturday, December 20, 2008

christmas party preview

just got back from the christmas party with 09 peeps: maye, qp, min, belle, warren, huai, ken, candice, shina and ryan. we decided to change our venue to minds cafe instead when all of us reached to meet at cityhall. it was a wise choice indeed. we spent 3 hrs there playing board games while eating our dinner tgt. it was indeed a warming gathering. hope everyone present had fun today. :) more updates regarding the party will be posted tmr. guess i'm just too tired to wait for the photos to get uploaded today. the sore throat is making it worse as well. plus i'd to work tmr morning!!! :( yup. we had gift xchange too. but everyone seems to "kang ju" my gift. :( anw, maye got my present. hope she likes it. and i got ryan's present!!! haha. 09 peeps will noe why i got so excited. hee. :D i had to xchange it with ken initially bcos he got back his own gift. (due to error from warren's logarithm list) luckily min xchanged with him in the end. phew. haha. yup. managed to catch up with those peeps tt went on holidays for the past few weeks. hais. hope i cn go on a trip too. more updates regarding my trip to the agency tmr too. :) yup. just completed consolidating the medicine info today. n arrived late at cityhall today bcos of tt. left my hse only at the meeting time. felt pretty guilty abt it but i guess everyone is used to it. heh. yup. will pen off from here. more updates tmr. hopefully everything goes on smoothly tmr for work. :)

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