Sunday, December 7, 2008

you long's birthday party

ya.i noe. this post shld have been up long before prom. but just got the photos from yl's photobucket today. poor thing. he couldnt upload his own birthday photos on his blog for view. so i guess i cn help by uploading some. (though i face the same problem of: "internet explorer cnt open this pg" sometimes too) went thru the photobucket n found some real interesting photos tt i cn “大作文章" about. hee. anw, yup. our class celebrated yl's birthday for him on mon, 1st dec. e pple that went: me, min, belle, kai yi, joyce, jo, tong, ken, candice, warren, zj, gavin, ryan n shina. we decided to hold it at his hse so we cn save some money. guess it's e pple tt matters in a gathering. we've fun anywhere as long as we are tgt!! haha. yup. great thanks to ken for gg all the way to bugis to get yl's present. but in the end, it seems too small. haha. u'll understand better when u view the picutre later. yl's mum was nice enuff to buy him a choco cake n cook dinner for all for us. but me n min felt it was a bit too bu hao yi si so we bought some thai finger food to add on to the birthday feast. glad the rest enjoy the food. e highlight for the party was really mahjong.( in my perspective) hadnt play mahjong ever since 2nd day of chalet. although i'm nt too pro at it, i like it a lot. mahjong needs a lot of grey matter power n strategy. it's challenging as well. :) another highlight was seeing candice got drunk after drinking a can of jolly shandy. haha. we were all amazed. yup. some of them were playing chinese chess n bridge as well. ami oso did her nails there n there were fruits for her to munch down. yup. i guess everyone had fun. tt's most impt. :) so here are some photos for view. enjoy! :)

you long's choco cake
(and i really mean chocolatey)

bdae boy with his cake

( tgt with the chief cook: yl's mum)

From left: jo, yl and tong

yl with his bdae gift
( notice the cap and head dont exactly match)

this is one of the most interesting photo i found.
candice was drunk by then. lying on ken's shoulders.
look at min's expression too. haha. :D
one of warren's classic photos.
trying to block his view from the cam.
but i still cnt figure out wat he's holding to block.
sweet sweet photo!!!
it's a 5 person mahjong game.

you long and me (unkempt hair)

you long and ami ( notice her nail) twist twist*

me ( with unkempt hair again)

ami with yl's er jie. doin her nails.

all done!!!

flower gals?!?

ken and yl
(with ami trying to pose too)

( wonder whose cards are these)
(From left clockwise: warren, jo, shina, ryan, tong n me)

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