Sunday, December 7, 2008

Prom Nite 2008

aj prom nite was held at marriott hotel at 1930hr on 3rd dec. i was busy finding my dress since last sat. finally found this blue dress at far east which i tot was quite a good deal on sun. onli 25 bucks. my make up n hair was done by ami's cousin n his gf. i luv the hair. accordin to ami's cousin, it's supposed to be a windwheel. all my class gals came over my hse tt morning to do up their hair and make up. well, we have to prepare early and sacrifice some slp if we want to look nice. we finally set off at ard 1800hr. shared a cab with shina, maye n qp. i guess all the preparation tired us out. didnt really talk much during the ride to marriott. after reaching there, we went to find ken n yl. after all tt photo session, finally went in the ballrm at 2000hr. the ballrm is much bigger than the one i attended at Hyatt for sec sch prom. the food was pretty good. but it was rather boring for me at times. guess it was bcos i was feeling rather sick the day before after returning from the bye ryan party. i guess it must be the alcohol. was actually runnin a fever during the prom. was feeling darn cold n didnt have much appetite. couldnt finish my favourite mango pudding as well. it was pretty frustrating for me. all dress up yet was feeling unwell and distracted throughout the nite. oh well, i guess it can be a different kind of experience too. haha. nonetheless, i had fun with my class peeps. it was really really rare to have all of us dress up so formally for an event. esp qp with the make up and hair. i'll say it's an extreme makeover nicely done. she looks stunning. everyone else look stunning too. yup. below are some photos taken with courtesy of many pple's camera.

phebe and me :)

you long and me ( notice my unnatural smile due to the lipstick)

group photo :) with yl, gav, joee, me, qp, maye, tong n jo

from left: yl, jo with rose from wx, shina, maye, qp, me, tong, ken

from left: me, terk ming, denise, reuben

from left: terk ming, me and denise

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