Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Interview day

yup. went for my interview today at amk. but before gg there, i went to amk foodcourt with denise for lunch. couldnt eat much. onli ate a bowl of chingteng. guess i'm havin jitters over the interview. it always happen. e foodcourt is crowded with pple as usual. we were so desperate for seats tt we sat in front of the clearing-trays area.but we still ate our lunch anyways. haha.

the clearing-trays area
took a bus n followed tong's directions to the clinic. almost lost my way there. luckily, we managed to find the clinic n got to the clinic in time. phew. filled up a small form n waited at the clinic for 1/2 an hr for the doc's arrival. luckily denise was there with me. we chatted n time past swiftly. e interview was rather smooth. could answer the qns posted to me by the doc. hopefully i cn get the job!! :)
yup. after e interview, i went to chinatown with denise to grab the pamphlets n schedule plan from the travel agencies. we got to get some info abt taiwan from somewhere. hee. saw a lot of interesting stuff on our way to People's Park Complex and Pearl's Centre. take look below:

saw this little emperor suit at a complex near Pearl's Centre.
this cn fit in a baby emperor. new born i mean. lol.

the chi-na lamps.

saw this teapot exhibition at the complex. quickly took a few pics with my camera phone. the teapots above are kept in the cabinet. they must cost a bomb i guess.
yup. it's a tea-biscuit. haha.
picture is requested by denise.
maybe bcos it has the word: Yunnan on them.
a lot of memories back there for her. :)
usually see this kind of scene onli in a typical gu zhuang drama.
notice it's of 10% discount now. haha.
wonder wat's its usual price.

puzzled why this photo is taken?
denise noticed it first. and laughed.
a row of maids standing outside e agency.
no idea wat they're looking at. jus looking i guess.
Ps: they were still looking when we left Pearl's Centre.

yup. when we felt tt we gathered suffice info, we headed to junction 8's toastbox so tt we cn discuss n plan our taiwan trip. :) saw liqian at the station doin her duty. she looks cute in her smrt suit. haha. ordered otah toast n kaya toast. denise drank her yuan yang while i drank teh-o. after 2 hrs of discussion, we met lili for dinner at subway. they ate e giant sandwhich n chewy cookies while i continue the planning. i realise the planning was hard. we were gg bonkers where to go n how to plan e schedule within 7 days. denise n me decided to continue tmr instead. nid to gather more info online. :)

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