Thursday, December 11, 2008

interview day II

yup. went for another interview today. turned out to be another job agency. the thought of gg ALL the way to genting road to fill in my particulars jus.. sux. haha. luckily i got my clinic assistant job. :) not to bad. but i'd to go through 2 interviews. today's 2nd interview was "interesting". i was given a scenario: i was alone at the counter. an impatient lady who was late for her movies demanded me to give her the medicine. at the same time, the phone rang, the doctor pressed the buzzer, asking for me and a deliveryman is waiting for me to sign n get the stocks. i stonned for a few secs, thinking: murphy's law? i had to think n catch everything tt the doc's wife (interviewer) said. esp when she spoke in a fast manner. nonetheless, i gave the answer which i felt is most logical: 1st, answer the phone, then the doc, the impatient lady n last the deliveryman. hopefully this doesnt happen at work. hee.
hais. just realise tt although i got the job, i couldnt make it for night cycling anymore!!! damn disappointed when i realise tt. missed the night cycling the other time in chalet n now.. hais. guess some sacrifice nid to be made. less time to meet up with frens n get tgt. :(
went jogging ytd with denise. realise how looooooong i haven exercise. could only run 4 rds around the track at the yishun hill. bad. nid to continue jogging or all tt i'd eaten will jus stay within me n nt get burnt out. haha. hopefully i cn regain e 7-8rds routine i used to do. :) yup. gg off to maye's hse ltr on for MAHJONG!!! haha. guess i'm pretty addicted to it le. hee. :D shld relax after all the walking to genting lane n the interview today. :)

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