Tuesday, December 9, 2008


just completed watching the "Hot Shot" series and many thoughts ran thru my mind. although i'd watched many other basketball drama series, i personally think Hot Shot is 1 of the better one. some of u may think tt it's pretty exaggerating, with the main leads flying around the court with the ball. however, i beg to differ. it's definitely more than tt. the ending may seem weird but the storyline is pretty gd. definitely one of the shows i'll recommend pple to watch. i learnt alot from the series too. some of u may laugh after reading the previous line but it's true. i learnt more about determination,courage, hope, teamwork and never giving up till the end. one particular phrase which i like from the series is: 48 分钟, 正好是一场篮球比赛的长度。其实人生就好像这48 分钟一样, 不到最后终场,什么事情都有可能会发生。只是每一个人终场的时间不一样, 最后的结果也不一样。重要的是要懂得在时间有限的人生当中找到一个值得你全心全意投入的梦想。(pardon for those tt cnt read chinese) yup. i really think it makes alot of sense. we shld live our life to the fullest every single day and pursue our dreams to do watever we like while we can. haha. pretty interesting huh. initally, i was onli thinking of getting some entertainment n relaxation from watching the series. little did i realise tt there's actually alot which i could learn. i guess there's always smth we cn learn abt after every book we read, every movie/drama series we watched. it all depends how we want to view it. in another perspective. :) i had a different kind of experience n thought after viewing the show. yup. just wanted to share it with pple ard me. dare to pursue ur dreams!!! :)

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