Thursday, December 25, 2008

Drama madness

had been rather bored at home this few days. it's always work and drama. drama and work. watched quite a no of drama series ever since a levels ended. here's the list: 1) They kissed again. 2) Hot Shot 3) War of the In-Laws II 4) Forensic Heroes II 5) Campus Shrewd 6) Last One Standing. currently watching moonlight resonance now. :) can onli say tt HK drama never fails to make me get hooked. their plot is superb. esp forensic heroes n last one standing. really enjoyed watching them. :)
after watching so much drama, guess it's time to make a trip down to the library to pick up some books to read. yup. guess i'll probably pick up forensic related books again. enjoyed reading them e other time i borrowed them. cos they never fail to interest me. :) will continue reading my jodi picoult books as well. she written a few other books over this 2 yrs which i'd nt gotten a chance to read yet. hopefully cn find them over at the library. :)
had been feelin rather sick this few days. must be due to the flu virus tt i gt over at my workplace. plus those bbq food i'd last sat. :( had a darn serious sore throat. almost couldnt speak today. the honey water i drank ytd made it worse as well. :( hopefully it gets better or i'll have a lousy christmas. :( yup. just checked e class blog n realised tt we had to vote for the cycling timing on 3rd jan. i still hope tt majority will vote for night cycling although almost everyone had a taste of it except for me. :( the morning cycling sounds fun as well. whole day spent at ubin. hadnt been there for few mths le. but i'd gt to work on sat morn. so if it really clash, guess i'll just have to miss it for the 3rd time. :(
gg sci centre with a bunch of 09' s on fri!!! most impt of all, e tickets are FOC!!! hee. :D hadnt been there since jan this yr. hopefully cn see some interesting stuff there. will upload photos on blog after my visit there. :)

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