Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Feeling the society

haven been blogging for the past 2 days. was busy completing my forensic heroes II series n working at the clinic. it has become a daily routine for me to wake up, eat my brunch, watch the series before gg off for work in the afternoon. n to return home late in the night to eat my dinner n continue watching the series till early next morning. my work at the clinic was rather hectic. i had to search for the patients' green cards, take medicine, check it with the doc, explain it to the patients n do packaging for the different medicine. it was really an eye-opener working in the clinic. i get to be exposed to the different types of medicine n their different uses n functions. made a few mistakes at work ytd. :( couldnt find 2 patients' green cards n figure out the handwriting of the doc to get the right type of medicine. i guess the most challenging part of my work will be to figure out the handwriting of the doc. :( i wonder why docs always scribble n cnt write properly. guess they cnt afford the time. if i become one next time, i'll write properly. tsk tsk. :D as for the medicine, although i'm still nt sure of the positions of all of them, i guess i'll get a hang of it in time to come. :)
while watching forensic heroes II, i grew more fond of my dream job. :D but i guess it'll be pretty tough for me to become one cos there isnt such courses in Singapore. cnt afford any overseas education. :( guess the closest will be pathology. or i cn opt to take chemistry n courses on blood analysis etc. well, i guess i cn only wait for my A levels results before making any decisions. for now, i cn dream on abt it. :) yup. as for the series, it's pretty touching this time round. i cried a couple of times thru out the show. guess i'm pretty emotional when it comes to relationship stuff now. as u go thru more, u learn more, appreciate more and understand more. yup. :) one of the female lead, ding ding died on the fifth episode. it was just days before her marriage to sam, another male lead who was a forensic pathologist. i wondered how one will react under such situation in reality. sam recovered quickly, within 10 episodes in the series. but tt's drama. not reality. not real life. so i cried over it, using 1 packet of tissues. esp when sam put on the ring for ding ding at her funeral. a bit too exaggerating for some but yeah.. anw, it's a nice show to watch. enjoyed every bit of it except for episode 28. :( cn only watch 1/4 of it due to the program they use to put the video.
will be meeting denise n esther to discuss the taiwan trip at the agency tmr. hopefully everything turns out well. ( fingers crossed) today's entry is jus all words i guess. haven been out n no mood to take any photos as well. ytd was nite cycling but couldnt go bcos of work. :( yup. the xmas party on fri is fixed finally. it'll be at yuki yaki @ marina sq. guess the voting didnt help much. low response as usual. hopefully more pple will turn out tt day. n we cn have a warming gathering! haha. :) haven seen the rest of 09 for quite some time now ever since our chalet ended last mth. only met the usual ones for prom n over at maye's hse. gg for 4e8 bbq this sat, after my work. yay! finally i cn meet my classmates , some whom i had nt met for 2 years. but my pri sch gathering is tt day too. :( it'd been really looooooooong since i met my pri sch frens. 6 yrs? haha. it's a tough decision. wish i could spilt myself into two. so i cn go for both. yup. ending here for nw. gg off to watch more drama before gg off for work again ltr. :)

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