Friday, December 12, 2008

Mahjong marathon

yup. went over to maye's hse ytd evening tgt with shina, qin pei, you long n kenneth. ying tong joined us only after we had dinner. qp led us the way n we met maye at the carpark before making our way up her hse. went for dinner at the hawker centre near her hse. we had fish head steamboat. i was a little overwhelmed by the size of the fish head steamboat. it was HUGE. it was a pity tt i didnt take a photo of it. didnt bring along my phone for dinner. e steamboat is FULL of cabbage. A LOT of cabbage. we left quite alot of cabbage even after shina, yl, ken n me ate them. there was yam in the steamboat as well. which i tot was kinda weird. i think e cooked yam looked a lot like e fish. maybe the hawker wanted to scam us so we tot tt there were more fish? haha.
after walking back to maye's hse, we started the mahjong marathon. ying tong finally came n ate e fish porridge we bought. still couldnt eat proper solid food. poor thing. but sacrifice nid to be made for nicer teeth. :)

start of the marathon.

we had a break at 2200hr for forensic heroes.
of course we cnt miss tt.
played pool during the breaks.
maye's great pose :)
qp wanted a pic as well.
even took off her glasses. haha.
p/s:notice the background.
everyone seems to love my camera. :D
haha. tt's just sparkling juice bottle which tong is holding on to.
dont mistaken it for beer.
but she does look a bit like the beer gal with maye's cowboy hat.

e FA tiles may give yl some luck to win a few games.
but nt much effect though. hee.
couldnt rmb exactly when i took this photo.
guess i was bored.
haha. i requested yl to act emo.
a pretty gd pose.
it was indeed emo...
i was bored. qp was bored too.
so we decided to take this pic. haha.
it was a cute photo nonetheless.
we decided to order mac for supper.
scroll scroll* to choose the food.
we are spoilt for choices.
took a while to decide wat to eat.
photo taken while waiting.
twist twist*

Act cute photo 1

Act cute photo 2

Act cute photo 3

pretty lousy set of tiles.
guess tt's y mahjong is always fun to play. :)

our food finally came at 0020hr.
on the table: 1 Happy meal set. 1 EVM meal.
2 double cheeseburgers
2 mac-chicken burgers
a photo taken at 0422hr.
we really played thru out the nite.
and gt really burnt out n tired.
haha. maye gt too tired while waiting for her turn.
" i'm tired too. i nid the bed!"

qp mus be real tired.
couldnt feel maye's n yl's hands.
cover cover*
poke poke*
even i gt tired of playing.
this was taken at 0514hr.
we gt hungry again in the morning.
yl was nice enuff to cook for us.
think straight while viewing this photo n the one below.
i'm nt tryin to impose anything.

satisfied faces.

energise again to pose after the meal.
twist twist*

the mahjong pyramid.

photo taken at 1405hr.
qp is drained out.
maye is all dressed for her interview ltr.
"i finally gt the bed!!"

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