Saturday, December 27, 2008

science centre trip

yup. went to sci centre on sat with hoi yee, joee, min, belle, russ n warren.:) ate lunch at a hawker centre b4 makin our way there. as usual, i was late. hee. :D couldnt help it though. had to go back to clinic last min. sci centre is still the usual sci centre. no change at all. except for 2 dummies wearin winter clothes promotin e latest omni theatre show: The Alps. haha. although e tickets provided by hy is free, nt all e stuff are free. e magic exhibition n omni theatre show isnt. had to pay seperately. was disappointed as i wanted to watch the omni show.wat was more frustrating was tt there were ALOT of pple there tt day. saw a looooooong queue outside b4 gg in. luckily we had hy's mum cards n managed to skip e queue. nonetheless still had fun there. :)

yup. kids still play there.
the water park.
saw this interesting feature when we stepped into e centre.
they cn fuse tgt to form the white bubble.
saw 1 of e white pellet "skiing" across e black liquid.
tt reminded me of lithum/ sodium reaction with water.
me n belle almost gt blinded by e flash which came out of e device.
as promised, photo taken by min. (recognised)

although there's a pile of trash, we shld detect rose scent instead.
expt showed how our sight coordinates with e brain memory.
cos we smelled trash.

yup. our grey matter.
if u look closely enuff, shld be able to see e eyeball. haha.

they looked excited ah. haha.
perhaps for e earlier photo onli.
asked russ n min to act interested while playin with e noble gas spectrum.
hee. :D
we headed down to e eco-garden since there's nth much to see in e centre.
the board seemed to have been vandalised though.

overview of ecogarden 1

overview of eco garden 2

came across these vegetable beds.
tot i came to a farm. haha.

russ, warren n me found these HUGE beans.
didnt manage to find any tag to figure out their names.
to show how huge they're, we even had warren's hands for comparison.
haha. found this miniature rice plantation @ e garden.

wonder wat's in e pond.

we came across a bio lab next to e garden.
found a few plant species n this iguana.

yup. water banana.
no idea of its origin though.
it doesnt look e fruit itself anw.
water snail.

haha. found this leaf litter near e tree house.
warren said there's loads of centipedes.
all part of nature's carbon cycle.
the tree house!!!
couldnt believe such thing exist in e eco garden.

stairway to danger.
saw a monkey on e tree when warren was leaving e tree house.
belle, min n me freaked out while russ remained cool as usual.
closed e door n windows while warren shoo-ed it away.
haha. a unique nature experience @ sci centre.
the entrance.
with warren's greetings. haha.

trolley n wheel...

leadin to e pail.
some form of messenger i guess.
p/s: almost fell while takin this photo.

cactus by e name of: candelabra.

couldnt figure out e name of this water plant.

water lotus!!!

hmm. orange flowers.
hee. :D
reminded of those oldies photos?
a reminiscence. haha.
me with erm.. yellow flowers.
haha. :P

we proceeded back to e centre for aircon.
couldnt stand e heat.
saw these cute chicks in e incubator. :)

hy will do anything for nice shots.

here's one of her photos for proof.

went to e climate change exhibition n saw this major climate change model.
above is e temperature change for e world @ 2100.
a lot of red spots.
which means more than 2.5 degree celsius rise in temp in many parts of e world.
smth nid to be done.
or a lot of biodiversity will be lost by then.
though i'll be cremated by then.
e current flow in e electric wire even though e lamp is switched off.
electricity still flows. n is wasted.

took some final pics before headin home. :)
From left: belle, hy n me.
yup. we are nt lookin at e camera.
haha. camwhore again while waiting for hy n joee.
only min gave me face by posing.

captured this before they made their jump.
could see tt min put in e most effort. haha.
yup. enjoyed e trip there although most of e stuff are more or less e same. gt more conscious of e climate change issue after viewing e 20 mins short video and e exhibition. a lot more still nid to be done although we had come up with N2 car n usage of alternative energies. most impt of all, is e mindsets of mankind. to understand e seriousness of this problem if nt more is done in e near future.

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